Today I took my monthly furlough day. No work, and no pay. Do you know how hard it is to NOT check email? To stay off the library’s Facebook and Twitter feeds? I have no idea what happened in Sacramento libraries today. It’s eerie.

On a happier note, UPS delivered a neat little book I ordered for my SCC reference class: it’s a collection of reference questions in various topic areas LIS students can use to practice with. I first saw it in the City College library, but it’s in the reference collection. Checking around, I was able to find a recently-reprinted paperback copy for a reasonable price, so I ordered it. I’m expecting it will make it easier for me to create exercises and test questions during the semester.

So my school reference collection is beginning to look pretty respectable! My next project will be to take some kind of class in online instruction or course design in order to be able to teach more effectively.


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