Professor Owens

I discovered I really love teaching! So I’m happy to say that I’ve been invited back to teach the Reference Services class again this fall! I received the letter from SCC the other day, and I should be able to access my e-mail and D2L, the course management software, soon.

My school e-mail and D2L blackout this spring has made me think more seriously about an alternate place to put my lessons and exercises. The director of the program has created a Google Site for the class she teaches, and I’m more than half-inclined to try that, too.

I have the updated textbook, and now I have to revise my lessons to accommodate the new information. Fortunately, I saved all my work in Dropbox, so I can begin the revisions right away, and just upload them to D2L when my access is restored.

Some of the lessons I learned last year:

  • Check local libraries for copies of titles mentioned in the text and used in the assignments. Just because they’re basic and standard doesn’t mean libraries have purchased them.
  • Simply posting a response after the assignment, as is done in InfoPeople classes, is a waste of time at this level. It would be better for me to post a question requiring analysis based on the exercises of the week, and invite the other students to contribute to the discussion.
  • I need to hold a couple of quizzes during the semester to get a better handle on student progress.
  • I need to create a long-term project to make the class more challenging.
  • Last year, I made the final exam open-book, and it was still a challenge for about half of the students. I actually liked the open-book exam, because this was a reference class, and the questions gave the students more practice in deciding which books to use to find the answers.

So … until my D2L access is restored and I can log in and fight with the program updates … I’m enjoying the Independence Day holiday and weekend. After next week, it’s going to be insane!


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