I updated iTunes over the weekend, and now it’s crashing my laptop. I’m thinking that the new features are really designed for Windows 7, and I’m still running Windows XP. I can no longer back up the iPhone and iPad, even after uninstalling programs from the laptop and deleting hundreds of photos from the iPhone. I’m going to have to depend on iCloud for the moment, until I can afford to replace the laptop.

It is disconcerting to find that information changes almost instantly on both phone and pad. It should be doing that on the laptop, too, but XP can’t handle the new features.

So, now the question is: do I even need a laptop any more? Almost all my stuff is in the cloud on Dropbox, Flickr, Shutterfly, Google Docs, and now iCloud.
Even Overdrive, from whom Sacramento Public Library gets most of its digital collection, now has apps, and very few of its downloadable items need to go through the desktop Media Manager any more.

If I do decide to forego the laptop, I’ll need to upgrade my printer to one that can print directly from the iPad and iPhone. Right now, it needs a helper application to be running on the laptop to handle those wireless jobs. Sigh.


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