ALA – New Orleans

I feel privileged to be able to go to New Orleans this month for ALA’s annual conference. And I’m going to enjoy it, too, if this head ever clears and I stop blowing my nose! The doctor grudgingly allows it might be a bacterial infection and I will pick up the antibiotics, Flo-Nase, and nasal rinse apparatus this afternoon. And I will be better by flight-time.

The reason I feel privileged is that, in addition to all the library stuff I’ll get to see-do-learn, I can spend a couple of days after the conference trying to find more information about my mom’s great-grandfather, Noel Crosswell, who lived in New Orleans for a few years in the 1860s and allegedly was recognized by that city for services performed during a yellow fever epidemic. If I can corroberate the story, I’ll be very pleased!

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