Dear Yahoo, Please find Delicious a good home!

Like many others, I was dismayed to hear the rumors that Yahoo may stop supporting Delicious. (12/17/2010)  It took me SO LONG to convince my co-workers to utilize our Delicous bookmarks as a teaching tool and an online resource for patrons who attend our outreach and programming events, and now that we’re on a roll, there’s a roadblock.

What we’ve been doing is tagging the web sites we mention in our computer classes, class visits, and outreach efforts so that those who attend can easily find the list in one place afterwards.  I figure it’s a public service – we’ve represented them as reliable web sites and recommended them to our public.  We bookmark the appropriate set for each class, and publish the links when we visit community organizations.  For example,  here’s the set recently used for our “Dig it: gardening on the Internet” computer class.

I sure hope someone steps up to continue the service and keeps it free!


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