Reference Renaissance 2010

I’m in the mile-high city! I’m tired.  Thought I’d just be able to drop off my stuff in my room and hop on the light rail and go see Denver.

But after an early arrival at 2:05 p.m.,  I waited over an hour at the airport for the Supershuttle, the freeway was choked down to one lane due to construction, and by the time I checked into the hotel it was 4:30 and I was FAMISHED and out-of-sorts. (Last meal 8 hours ago.) Decided to forego exploration in favor of dinner and early bed.  Tomorrow I’ll go exploring.

Dinner at The Lift was superb! Pan-grilled salmon with green beens and fingerling potatoes in a butter and lime sause, along with a glass of specially-selected white wine. And an apple cobbler that was to DIE for, but that I was unable to finish.

Best surprise: although it’s not advertised, the wifi in the public areas reaches into my room, so I can blog into the wee hours!


2 responses to “Reference Renaissance 2010

  1. And how is the weather there? It’s remarkably mild here today.

  2. It was mid-90s and sticky. And I apparently missed two dramatic thunderstorms because my room faced the interior courtyard of the hotel instead of the outside.

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