My Favorite Target Audience

This afternoon, a colleague and I presented a program entitled “Use Your Library @ Home” to members of the Mission Oaks Computer Club.  I love surprising people and watching their faces light up as we talk about services they had no clue we offer!  We were invited because a member happened upon our website and thought it pointed to useful services and materials.  (Guess that shows we need to do some more aggressive marketing.)

I have done similar presentations for the Orangevale-Folsom PC Users Group and the Sacramento PC Users Group I like talking to computer clubs in particular, because they’re already convinced of the value of being online, and know how to navigate web sites.  All that is needed is to show them the databases, e-books, catalog and account management services, and they’re on their way! I put the presentation in Dropbox and gave them a link to our Delicious bookmarks listing all the web sites we talked about today plus a few more.  That’s one of the things that delight me about computer clubs: they don’t mind going online!


One response to “My Favorite Target Audience

  1. Jason Weekley

    Good job of taking the library to the community. I agree that we need a more aggressive marketing.

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