Library Day in the Life, Round 4

I’m blogging today, because Tuesday is the first day of my work week. My shift today is from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

7 am Rise, wake up Daughter for school, make coffee, scan newspaper headlines.

7:40 Fire up laptop for 8 a.m. Info Quest Reference Advisory Group online meeting. Wave Daughter off to school and watch Husband eat breakfast.  Meeting lasts till 9 a.m.

9:15 Put away laptop, prepare and eat a bowl of cereal and raisins; prepare and pack lunch; generally tidy kitchen.

10:00 Get ready for work, feed fish, out the door. Husband chauffeurs on Tuesdays because there is no public transportation to my neighborhood after 6:15 p.m.

11:00 Catch up on e-mail, show off new iPhone, update bib for Credit Card Debt program to be held next week as part of the “Take Charge California” series sponsored by the library and the Department of Consumer Affairs. Boss only wants books published in 2009 or later, so I delete those published in 2008 from the lists that will be published on our web site and in our Delicious bookmarks.

12:00 An hour of cross-training at the circ desk – this is part of the prep for expanding the skills of the paraprofessionals and librarians who answer phones.  We want librarians to be able do do simple patron account maintenance, and the paraprofessionals to be able to answer simple informational questions.  I know virtually nothing about account maintenance, though I am a whiz at renewals and placing holds.  Today happens to be a special day – within 40 minutes of one patron reporting her card stolen, having it blocked and a new card issued to her, we caught the thief red-handed with a stack of books reserved with the stolen card! We confiscated the card and books, reported her to security, and she’s banned from the library for a year.  I didn’t stage it. Full marks to the Circ Supervisor for the way she handled it.

1:00 An hour on the phones. Questions cover the gamut from, “Are you open?” to “Can you read me a list of the kings from this Persian dynasty?” Here’s a colleague’s riff on phone duty.

2:00 Take 15 minutes to eat the lunch I packed. Update the table of branches, the tax forms they have for distribution and the tax prep help scheduled at some branches.  Tax season is a Big Deal here, and we get phone calls for four months from folks looking for forms or help.  Despite having links to the IRS and California state tax site on our OPAC and allowing free printing, people still want to walk in and pick something up from a table!

3:00 Drop in to Admin and pick up my February transit pass – it’s roadworker orange, instead Valentine red! Pick up holds that have arrived as part of my show-and-tell for next week’s Depart of Consumer Affairs program (mentioned above). Troubleshoot mysterious morphing of our NewsBank subscription to something unrecognizable, and without our local Sacramento Bee. Write numerous “yellow slips” (requests for time off the reference desk) for meetings I’ve been invited to in the next week and turn them in to the scheduler.

4:00 Dinner.  A colleague and I walk over to Quizno’s and have a soup and sandwich.

5:00 – 8:00 Three hours on the phones. After a flurry, the call volume drops and I have a few minutes to blog, take a short break to collect my stuff, and finish the evening.  At 7:55 the call router turns on the after-hours message, and we log off all the computers and go home. Hope husband is on time – it gets lonely out there by about 8:01!


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