Flamout in 2010

Spent an interesting afternoon chasisng down information we used to have in print materials, only to find we don’t, any more.  I didn’t think it would be this hard to find crash test and other ratings for a 2010 Dodge Avenger, but we don’t have a current subscription to the print serial and Gale didn’t have any useful articles that I could find. Houston, we have a gap!

Other colleagues have commented on the aggressive weeding project we’ve undertaken over the past year, and now year two of the project is beginning.  The last time I’ve seen so many empty shelves at Central was 19 years ago, when we were unboxing materials from storage and putting them on the shelves.  At that time, there was, in fact, LOTS of stuff that needed weeding after spending 5 years in boxes.  But over time, our collection development/management philosophy went head-to-head with the Internet and online resources and lost, and our materials budget was hamstrung by the assessment tax that could not be used for Central Library at all.  So now, it’s time to weed again, and there’s almost nothing left of the strong reference collection we used to have.

Bottom line, the person who asked about the car got a less-than-adequate answer to the Avenger question.


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