More About Wave

I’m feeling a little better about Wave, now that I’ve been trying things for the past week. There’s a problem with lag, and many of the folks in the waves I’m following are not online when I am, so I have yet to see any real-time chat going on. I think, too, that a lot of folks jumped in like me, and now that they’ve looked around a bit, they’ve jumped out again.

I’ve created and participated in polls, and I added my location to an embedded map. I’ve uploaded a photo and a document, but the only way to collaborate on editing a document is to have its text as a blip on the wave. An uploaded document can only be shared by viewers downloading it, so – no real time collaboration.

So – is it useful? Probably, when the lag issue is resolved. Others are saying that G-mail integration would improve it, as well as some way to follow the threads as participants add comments. I would love to have work time and interested colleagues to experiment with it some more, but for right now, my learning is confined to after-hours at home.  There is also little documentation, but that is changing, and I’m adding some how-to links to my Delicious as I come across them.

I have some invitations – anyone want to play?


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