In my opinion, this was one of the best presentations during Internet Librarian 2009. Short, sweet, no jargon, and simple enough for even non-techies to understand.

Julio Anjos, from Portugal, summarized his entire presentation in one slide:

Create a Google account (not necessarily a Gmail account)
Go to Google Books
Go to My library
Import ISBN’s
You now have a “library” searchable by google!

Julio said that this makes the text of any titles you own that are in the Google books database searchable.  The link can be embedded in Moodle, iGoogle, Facebook, etc; and the search results will often give the specific page your search term appears on.

I can see applications for subject collections or for bibs we might prepare for programs or outreach. Imaging having a cross-searchable collection of your own books! Think this would appeal to students more than learning about tracings?

Anjos also mentions the flaws of this application, in particular, the Advanced search loses the filter for My Library. But it is an exciting tool, and I’ve already started my Google Books library. There are only two books in it at the moment, but my library id is 296491293341912157. If you plug it into the search box at, you can search my library.


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