#IL2009 Countdown

I don’t know what piece of serendipity placed that first Internet Librarian Conference announcement in my inbox so many years ago.  I had just been hired to fill the new position of “Internet Librarian”, and I thought they named the conference after me! Or at least staged it for me to attend.  Boss gave her approval, and with the first opening keynote, I was in love!

I don’t know how many IL conferences I’ve attended to date, but I’ve only missed one since my first one.  It is still my favorite conference, by far. Everyone who attends is interested in all the same things, services and technology that keep me going to work every day, and I always come back completely recharged and ready to try new things for another year. This year, I’ve influenced three colleagues to  attend for the first time – Sacramento Public will be ENERGIZED when we return! Watch us soar! Maybe we could present at next year’s conference … well, no harm in dreaming.

For me, the conference begins when I board Amtrak in Sacramento – the train ride has become part of the conference experience.  I’m picking up my ticket on Friday, shipping out on Saturday morning, and I’m ready to be wowed again!


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