School Library Staff as Partners

Enid Davis, Library Director, the Harker School, San Jose
The Harker School is a well funded, highly supported private school, grown from one small campus to 5 campuses; partnerships allowed this school to grow.

The many partners that contributed to Harker School's success

The many partners that contributed to Harker School's success

Using very effective visuals of hat mannequins and hats arranged around a table, Enid described how her influence, dreams and funding grew geometrically with each new partnership. She turned the annual 2nd grade play into a musical, enlisted the music teacher who turned it into the coveted Ogre award, which became a fund-raiser with the help of the Development coordinator.  Today, the Ogres are real above-and-beyond recognitions; NOW agenda equity committee created sex harassment training, … and you get the picture.  The skillsets of librarians are so often underestimated; by using your skills you can grow your own program while enhancing the value of your institution.
Q- Biggest challenges?
A-Finding time; it’s exciting to create new purpose, and passion abounded on campus, so that helped.

Q-Who comprises the Committee for Instructional Literacy?
A-librarians, dean, instructional technologists

Q-What’s the secret of starting all those committees and not becoming a control freak?
A-Enid lets staff do what they love to do and are good at. Her people flourish – its a management skill.

Q-For fundraising events – what draws money?
A- Parents – Harker has a huge development dept. with annual campaigns. It was exciting to see that the library could be the means of raising funds for school.

Q- Any change in fundraising income over the last 2 years due to the real estate and economic downturn?
A-School is building a brand new 21st cent lib this year – testimony that teachers see need for library services that teach lifelong skills. Parents see the value and are ready to fork over $$$. Don’t rest on your laurels – make yourself indispensible. If you’re not in front of the children, you’re not valuable.

Q- Do you track how many students get into Stanford?
A-You bet! Each year students are mapped at MIT, Stanford, UC, Harvard…; parents are so driven that teachers say “relax!”


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