Services: Discover and Recover

Jewelle Gomez, president of the San Francisco Public Library Commission, poet and childhood bookmobile patron.
Rediscovering the Library in Critical Times

Startling quote from the San Francisco Chronicle: 11 things your children won’t know what to do with: one of them is libraries!

President of the SFPL Commission

President of the SFPL Commission

Wrong! San Francisco is building or renovating 24 branches. The Friends of the Library create community groups around the libraries being built, so the community is already invested when the ribbon is cut. Each new library causes a 100% increase in new library cards across the system, and a corresponding increase in circulation and reference questions asked. Attractive teen spaces encourage teens to hang out in the library.

During tight times, meeting rooms are economical venues for community programs, library resources are great tools for looking for work; free SAT preparation tests help kids score well; people come knowing there is a non-judgmental staff to help.

Luis Herrera, City Librarian, San Francisco Public Library

Library’s Role in Workforce Development
Beyond SFPL’s Job and Career Center, SFPL is using economic stimulus funds through by hiring 50 people through Jobs Now to scan historic documents into the Internet Archives. In addition, they are hiring 25 teens via the Youth Works Program, which is structured so they learn information competencies.

The Job and Career Center – there is a new job and career web page linking to community resources and live help. Database use is up 40% in the job seekers lab. Since April there have been 600 users, 44 class sessions. They are now formally identifying partners to work with in th near future.

Q-trouble with unions when working with private partners?
A-communication important; not taking away jobs, unions support project

Q-relation ship with workforce relation board
A-good relations with boards and departments – communication

Q-jobseekers lab restricted only to job seekers?
A-reserved for job s and need extra time beyond the regular public access computers

Q-time limit in job lab (computer lab also used for other online classes)?
A-open 4 hrs each mon/tue; no time limit for users working on resumes, online applications, or active job searching.


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