How Many Library Cards Does It Take to … ?

Busman’s holidays – I love ’em! Also business trips that take me within reach of other libraries. First thing I do is see whether I qualify for a library card. In California, permanent residents of the state are allowed to get library cards for any public library in California. Right now, I have, or have had, cards from my own library, Sacramento Public, and also Roseville and Monterey. My San Francisco Public card expired, but I’m going there in a couple of weeks and will renew it then. I also have valid cards from the Hawaii State Library System in Hawaii  and the Godfrey Memorial Library in Connecticut.

Why? Partly because I CAN; it’s like collecting stamps, postcards, or other memorabilia from places I visit. And partly out of professional curiosity. It’s interesting to see what services they offer to their remote users, and what databases they deem important enough to buy.

‘Course, that’s pretty old school now; many librarians and libraries are tweeting, linking-in, and facebooking both in real life and Second Life. Hmm … wonder if those virtual libraries in Second Life will ever issue virtual library cards? and would I be eligible to apply for them?


One response to “How Many Library Cards Does It Take to … ?

  1. What a great hobby! British Columbia libraries are banding into larger and larger “networks”. I would like to think this is to serve the membership and not a way to purchase one copy for 3 million people. Getting a card requires ID and piece of mail to prove place of residence.

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