Thursday – Day in the Life

6:00 Arise.

6:30 a.m. Bake cornbread muffins to take to work.  Attending an all-day web conference with no breaks; will probably need sustenance.

7:15 hop on bus with fragrant, warm muffins.

7:45 arrive at work; do quickie e-mail and Google Groups check, and call Vendor’s tech support for a list of the domains used by a database we’re adding to our collection. Begin composing e-mail to our IT department with name of product, intended link location on our web site, description for fly-out, URL, domains used, and web address of Vendor’s tech support page.  Save draft, because the first-ever Handheld Librarian conference is about to begin online!

8:00-2:30 Attempt to log in to conference; no dice; ultimately find alternate location via the conference Twitterstream. Select sessions to attend; take copious notes before discovering that I can print the slides and scribble on the copies. Exciting text-ref stuff from the likes of Gerry McKiernan, Tom Peters, Boopsie, Yale University Science Libraries, Orange County Library System, My InfoQuest and other luminaries. They shared many compelling stats about cell-phone/smartphone market penetration and how people use their texting capabilities, and what this means for library service in the near future (1-3 years.)  Noted that the sessions had from 150 to 650 attendees each!

Got really tired of just sitting in front of the computer tethered to the headset, so felt compelled to bug out of a session for a few minutes just to stretch and take a comfort break, and also to enjoy a cornbread muffin.

2:30-5:00 Recheck e-mail and follow up with questions from library staff about our database subscription, complete and send the IT service request for the new database, as well as another reporting a broken link to our Fast Facts homebuilt database.  Bring Collection Manager’s attention to the audio book type mismatches in our catalog and get approval to run lists to make corrections. Sample sweet-potato tortilla chips shared by co-worker (they are VERY good!)  Read 27 Things blogs updated since yesterday, acknowledge announcement that deadline for completion has been extended 2 weeks to accommodate staff who had been so busy with summer reading program they couldn’t finish by original deadline. Accept request to go to a school library next month with the laptop and air card to sign up students for library cards and advertise our online resources and services. Scan some of the back-chatter about the conference on Twitter.  Brain fried. Going home.


2 responses to “Thursday – Day in the Life

  1. Hi, Ann. I hate twitter, but I’ve only sent one tweet. Would you defend it?

    • Mitch, Twitter makes more sense when you can see the universe of posts. This usually means the posts (tweets) of people you are following, presumably folks you like and respect.

      Today, a great deal of professional conversation and collaboration is taking place in Twitter that is not equalled by any other medium for currency. For example, an instructor may ask for “shout outs” from friends to demonstrate the real-time conversations for a class, or conference attendees tweeting the salient points of a session, and – even more current – the “back channel” conversations that go on between attendees about the speaker and between the speaker and the attendees. (Like passng notes in class with the instructor’s approval and participation.)

      Libraries and individuals are also using Twitter to update their Facebook status, post announcements of programs and services, and spread the word about local events – think of that jet crash in the Hudson river not so long ago. Along those lines, I got a huge vicarious satisfactin from following the tweets of the Hokule’a crew on their training voyage to Palmyra using only traditional Polynesian navigation techniques.

      In SPL, quite a few staff and several branches have active twitterstreams: [substite any of the following for RANLibary in the URL: saclib, NNatomaLibrary, CAStateLibrary, spl27things]. Some even have members of their communities following them now!

      I welcome further discussion – and let me know if you would like a demo! I am annot8 on Twitter.

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