Wednesday – Day in the Life

8 am  Arrive at work, go to 5th floor to pick up my book truck (aka “mobile office”) because today is one of my “downstairs” days wherein I do e-resources things all day long.  Hele on down to basement to my desk in the Collection Management Department.   Check e-mail, follow up on a few items left over from yesterday: send e-mail to volunteer asking whether he can call every branch’s hours recording to check for errors, fill out time sheet, send official Outlook meeting request for vendor meeting with Collection Management next month.

Call database vendor’s tech support to report we’re still having random access problems, both in the library and remotely. Tech tweaks our IPs and I e-mail the person who reported the problem to let me know if it continues.  Read the recently-updated blogs of our 27 Things participants and comment where appropriate. Print and review updates to text ref policies and procedures draft before noon meeting.

10:30 Attend vendor-sponsored online My iLibrary demo to learn about this new downloadable collection.  Glad all titles can be transferred to iPods and most other players – but not to the Shuffle, which is the iPod I own! Vendor promises to e-mail me in a day or two with additional information about his product and Shuffles. I make plans to relay info to ref staff so they can answer patron questions about this new service.

12 noon Sign in to the My Info Quest advisory group meeting to debrief after the first week of the text-reference pilot. Meeting runs a little late, but is productive.  We agree to meet again in 2 weeks, after new participating libraries come on board.

1:30 lunch

2:30 – 4:55 Work with new Digital Services Librarian to get InfoQuest pages up on our web site. Publicity is coming, and we will launch for our patrons on August 1.  Discover, while looking for titles to add to Audiobook Bulletin, that most of our non-print books have been labled as “book on CD”, regardless of the actual format.  Discuss with Serials Librarian whether the i-types of our audio books need correction, because she is the Millennium wizard.  I decide to consult with Department Manager tomorrow – hoping to create a few lists and ask Cataloger to make a batch correction.

Compose and send e-mail to all staff announcing the imminent roll-out of My Info Quest text reference service for public, inviting staff to test it and txt it so they can promote it to our patrons. I invite interested staff who would like to learn to staff the text-reference desk during our shift to identify themselves, so I can schedule training for them, and receive an enthusiastic (ME ME ME ME ME!) response in seconds! Answer Webmaster’s question about a broken link to our Homework Help Now service.

4:55 power down PC, pick up my purse and fly to catch 5:04 bus. Work day done.


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