Weeding and Reading Hawaiiana

Lanikai Point

Lanikai Point

I am visiting family in Kailua, Hawaii this week.  Usually, I do actually visit family members, but this time around, it’s not working out as expected: Brother’s entire family is away, and I’m cat- and betta-sitting (and using his wi-fi.)  Mother’s caregivers now come 6 1/2 days a week, and she sleeps a lot, anyway.  Aunt contracted a case of bronchitis, and her care home quarantined her – 35 other residents of the home are also sick – so I haven’t been to visit her yet.  Don’t want to bring the virus home to Mother, and don’t want to infect myself for the trip back home.  Cousin probably won’t come by for a visit this time, because his wife  … well, you get the picture.  I’m bored in Hawaii!

Kailua Library's reference Hawaiiana collection

Kailua Library's reference Hawaiiana collection

So – I walked over to the Kailua Library and offered to perform a few hours per day of volunteer service for them.  They agreed, and, to my very great surprise, set me to weeding the Hawaiiana reference collection.  It was a surprise, because many of the titles are locally published and are not reviewed in the mainstream journals – I haven’t kept up with local publishing for over 20 years, so felt uncomfortable pulling some titles that were very outdated – didn’t know whether there were any newer editions, nor whether the library even had funds to purchase them if there were.  But the staff there were encouraging, and I filled up a book truck.

Picky details that only a shelver or librarian would notice: Sacramento Public includes the year of publication as the last line of the call number – easy to spot old titles at a glance.  Hawaii does not, but apparently felt the need for an easier way to check than by looking at the verso of the title page, so recently began typing the date of publication on the ownership label on the flyleaf.

Nice touch: Neil Diamond piped over the intercom during the morning.  Happy working music, before the library opens.

Public OPACs require a login on startup, and although all branches have public Internet computers, only a couple of libraries offer wi-fi. The State cannot afford it, so branches must fund it out of their own budgets or with Friends’ funds.

Geodetic Marker, Lanikai

Geodetic Marker, Lanikai

Finally, The SPL Underground Librarian mentioned geocaching and USGS markers.  Here’s the marker from Lanikai (Alala) Point, pictured above.  It’s been there almost as long as I’ve been on this earth – used to ride my bike past it several times a week as a kid. Details are on the datasheet.


2 responses to “Weeding and Reading Hawaiiana

  1. Great shot. Especially the surrounding stone and inscription. It’s a triangulation benchmark, so there are more mark nearby.

  2. Wish I’d read the datasheet before I took the picture – then I could have found the other marks and photographed them, too. They are just a few feet away from this one.

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