Week 10: Thingfo and Wrapping-Up

SPL Home Page: I’m really glad the webmaster put a link to the “legacy” web site in the footer of the new web pages.  I’ve used it several times when I couldn’t find something I thought should be there. By noting the “breadcrumbs” in the menu lines near the top of the screen, I’ll know where to find it next time.

Mango: Not related at all to 27 Things, but I’ve been working on a project to put a link to Mango Languages in the records of our audio language learning materials.  Once it’s completed, patrons will be able to click through to Mango from any record and “start learning this language now!”

Twitter: This was an acquired taste.  At first, I didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t want to reveal TMI about my personal life.  However, as I acquired friends and followers, it was much easier to have meaningful conversations.  In the course of this 27 Things project, one staff member invited the 27Things team to follow him on Twitter, so I created a library account.  After this project is completed, it will be renamed to eliminate the reference to 27 Things. It’s been fun following RAN’s tweets and ELk’s, too.

Thingfo: I tried! I created a Thingfo, because I’m all about efficiency, but WordPress does not allow me to add the widget to my blog. Score one for Blogger!  Anyway, although it seems like a good idea to have all your social info in one place, I’m not quite ready to spout the contents of that stream on my blog.  So it’s just as well WordPress is not javascript-friendly in this case. I think I’ll pass on Thingfo and live with the “follow me on Twitter” widget.

Wrapping up

27Things has been a welcome break from “work” work.  I truly enjoyed exploring web sites and applications I might not have tried, and likewise discovered I would not use some of them – but now I know!

I would certainly like to do it again – maybe featuring fewer than 27 things – with different applications.  There are so many more to explore!  This project has also inspired me to write self-directed and video tutorials for our databases – hope to work on that during the summer.

And finally, I hope my co-workers will keep blogging, because I’ve really enjoyed the online conversations, insights, and opinions of all who participated.  Talking about changes, about our model for service, about concerns and questions can only be good for SPL, and sharing personal interests has added a dimension to work relationships that was missing before. Let’s continue, shall we?


One response to “Week 10: Thingfo and Wrapping-Up

  1. I had no idea about that “legacy” link at the bottom! Just shows I don’t click around enough. On my blog I wrote that sometimes it’s hard to find things that you KNEW were there.
    Thanks for this info!

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