Week 7: Wikis

After doing the readings, visiting library wikis, and watching the videos I have developed a new respect for wikis at a vehicle for organizing knowledge.  I’ve been avoiding them because I didn’t have a clear idea of how I could apply this platform in a work setting.  Procedures manuals were the only thing I could think of, and yet such a manual for internal processes should not be made available to outside viewers. Subject guides, especially topical ones, can be quickly compiled and made available. The content can be linked to searches in our catalog, web sites, blogs, and other pages in the wiki.

In the course of visiting the Blogging Libraries wiki, I discovered another couple of bloggers I want to follow, and was also gratified to see our own grandCENTRAL listed there in the California section!

I also noticed there isn’t anything organized about Sacramento Public Library in the Sacramento Wiki.  Now that we’re web 2.0-savvy, shouldn’t we be checking to see what is – or is not –   “out there” about us and taking charge of it?  I would challenge all our 27-Things participants to add content to the Sacramento Wiki if the conventions for adding content were’t so different from PBWiki, where our 27 Things wiki is located.  But if you’ve a mind to play with it …  I’m just sayin’ …


One response to “Week 7: Wikis

  1. I’ve been moaning about our lack of presence on various sacramento resources. I should stop whining and start posting, probably.

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