Week 5: Library Thing and Rollyo

Library Thing

It took me a little while to remember my login for Library Thing, and I suspect I may have 2 accounts now.  I opened an account in 2006, added 2 books, and abandoned it. I added another handful of books on Saturday, but the library computers were so slow, it was an exercise in frustration.  I don’t see any of those books today, so either I didn’t save properly, or I opened a new account and forgot the login.  I don’t have a huge collection of books that needs to be organized, and I’m keeping track of my reading in Facebook and on my Bibliog blog, so I don’t think I’ll be using Library Thing right at the moment.


I finally “got” it!  I’ve been messing with Rollyo for a couple of weeks now, and couldn’t seem to duplicate the finely-tuned results I’ve seen on others’ blogs. But I had an “aha!” moment this afternoon, and ta-dah! My Rollyo!

My object was to gather some library journals together and be able to search them all for articles on … whatever. But I couldn’t figure out how to make the search box display in this post, hence the link. I can see a use for this on our Research Guides, as a bookmark for computer classes on a particular topic, and as a work tool for selectors.


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