27 Things: Week 4 RSS

I almost skipped this week, because I’ve been using Bloglines for years.  So imagine my surprise when I opened Bloglines tonight and found this post.  Another April birthday!  This time, it’s a feed I follow!

I’ve got I-can’t-count- ’em blogs I follow, including those written by friends as well as by co-workers, other library professionals, and various commercial agents, like PC Magazine’s new product reviews and Lion Brand Notebook.  My latest acquisitions are the Frugal Duchess and Borneo Big Wall.  (Alex’s mom and I met on the plane to Hawaii a year ago, and she is also athletic, being a multiple marathon finisher and a new climber! This is in addition to her “real” job, teaching at American River College.)

Because I’ve got too many blogs in my blogroll, I’ve grouped them by category: Personal, Professional Reading, Trends … and I usually pick one category to read daily. I can usually get through all the new blog posts within about 3-4 days. It’s like watching the news – you read some, and you skim some.  What I like best is the ability to bookmark posts you don’t want to lose.

I noticd, like others participating in 27 Things, that Google Reader automatically picks up Blogger blogs I follow. I’ve been using it to follow the blogs created for this project, because it beats adding each one manally to Bloglines.  In many respects, the products are similar, but the one disconcerting thing about Google Reader is that if I log in from a different computer, all the posts I’ve already read are now unread, and I have to scroll through them all again.  If anyone has a solution to this, I’m interested!


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