27 Things – Playing Catch-up

Just to keep myself organized, I’m going to catch up on my 27 Things status in this post, then update week by week.

Week 1 – Introduction: already blogged here.

Week 2 – Blogging: I’m using this, my existing “work” blog, to document my journey down the 27 Things trail.  Because it’s not a Blogger blog, but is on Word Press, some of the instructions don’t apply – but I did get it publicized on the 27 Things blog roll!

Week 3 – Photos and Images: I’ve used Flickr for a while as a means of sharing my own photos and of finding photos to illustrate some of my posts on grandCENTRAL.  I’ve also used some of the Flickr Toys to create images for which I’m still looking for a good use.

For a technology-related post: Did you know that images you upload to your blog are stored in Google’s counterpart to Flickr? It’s called Picasa, and includes web tools and a downloadable application.  You can use the application to edit and organize your photos and also create self-running slideshows you can burn to a CD and use for gifts.  Since you already have gmail accounts from setting up your blog, just use your Google login to view your Picasa pictures!  It’s also possible to group, tag, comment on, and share your photos; click on the “Explore” tab to see photos uploaded by others.


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