Google Mail

I’ve had a gmail account for years, but I have never used it to actually read e-mail. It’s my key to other services, like Blogger, Picasa Web Album, and 27 Things. I am now required to use gmail more, because the administration of ’27 Things’ is handled from within the 27 Things admin gmail account.

I’m floundering – threaded e-mails are confusing to me; I don’t understand the difference between labels and folders; and there are too many items in the sidebar…

Part of the problem, to be fair, is that there are several fingers in the admin pie, and we are all looking at the same gmail account.  We’re just going to have to figure out a message system that will let us know when messages have been handled, and how. Any ideas?


One response to “Google Mail

  1. I thought we were supposed to label the messages with our name if we were taking care of that individual task. No?

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