Sacramento Begins 27 Things

This week, Sacramento Public Library launched  its 27 Things program.  After the first day, there is already a double-handful of new blogs created by participants!  I’ll be following along here with the idea that I’m bound to learn something new, even for those 2.0 “things” I am already using. My friend Stanley used to tell me, “Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new – you never know when you’ll need it.”  I’ve made that my motto, and have never been sorry. (Thanks, Stan!)

So … on to Week 1 and Things 1 and 2!

For me, the challenge will be to “begin with the end in mind.”  I am typically a non-linear learner, and tend to go off on side-trips when starting something new, just to see where it will take me.  It will be hard to stay on-task.  The easiest part will be to have fun! and the funnest part of all will be to see what everyone else is doing, because that always gets the creative juices going and leads to more and better ideas for ways to implement all the new 2.0 “things” into the work we do.


2 responses to “Sacramento Begins 27 Things

  1. Yay! Thanks for all your help in putting the program together!!!

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