27 Things

I’ve been working with a great team, putting together a “23 Things” style program for Sacramento Public staff.  We’re calling ours “27 Things“, one for each branch in our system.  This week, we’re wrapping it up and we will launch during the first week of April.

Like most other “23 Things” projects, ours is modeled after the original mounted by the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg Counties a few years ago. Each person on our team was responsible for adapting two of the “things” for SPL.  Last task will be to divvy up the responsibility for monitoring all the blog entries as staff works through the readings and discovery exercises.  We received an unexpected bit of funding, and will be able to offer incentives to finishers.

Best part for me: aside from totally losing my fear of wikis, was getting to know the playful side of my team mates. The next couple of months will be a trip to remember!


One response to “27 Things

  1. I am so glad we at SPL have adopted/adapted the 23 Things. I tried – twice – to do them. This third time will be the charm. Knowing that our organization is committed to our learning these new technologies – and is willing to give us the space and time to fool around and have fun with them, (which IS the way most of us incorporate real learning into our lives) is enormously encouraging.

    Thank you all for your work on this.

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