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A couple of years ago, I participated in a “23 Things” class based on the Learning 2.0 program at the Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Library.  One of the Things we had to do was to set up a wiki, which I did, but I had no idea what I would make out of it.  Well, of course, the wiki languished because it lacked focus, and also because I wasn’t sure it was wise to post internal procedures where everyone could see them.  That made wikis not useful for the purposes I originally envisioned, so I all but abandoned it.

Now the shoe’s on the other foot, and I’m helping to create our own “27 Things” exercises for SacLibrary staff.  Wouldn’t you know it, my responsibility was the wiki exercise!  I was reluctant at first, because of my prior experience, but this time, I really had fun setting it up using PB Wiki, creating the internal pages and links, and even making a Sandbox page for staff to practice with.  Now I’m a convert, and can’t wait to see what the staff does with it!

I’m not posting links to our project yet, because it hasn’t been announced to staff.  I will be posting them along with comments after the launch in April, so as to capture the good, the bad, and ideas for improving the next go-round.

This past week, those of us on the planning committee joined the WebJunction Summit, in which veterans of such programs outlined them and conducted a “best practices” debriefing.  We learned all kinds of  things we hadn’t considered: the time it will take to read and comment on our participants’ blogs; brainstorming affordable incentives for completing the program, and expectations for the completion rate (15 – 60%).   Several also mentioned that participants wanted extra time to complete the series of Things, once they got started.  One system left it open-ended and adds a new Thing every so often. All require inclusion of time for staff monitoring, encouragement, help, and constructive feedback.

It was also very interesting to watch the twitter side-chatter as the summit progressed. Others have blogged the summit, too.


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