Internet Classes at the Library

My class on air travel more or less worked.  It had been untried here in Sacramento since I developed it three years ago.  Now that I’ve actually run through it with members of the public, I’ve got some notes I’ll apply to future instances of this class and to other future classes.

1. The lesson plan is a good thing.  It outlines the minimum competencies of the audience, objectives of the class, preparations needed (I would add particulars for us, like publicity deadlines and entering the class into the online event calendar,) a reminder to include requesting PR for upcoming classes, and a list on one page of every link mentioned anywhere in the lesson.  This makes link-checking before class and selecting links to open in advance in browser tabs much easier.

2. I should have made sure the order of exercises in the audience handout matched the order in the lesson plan.  That little discrepancy caused me to flounder a bit and wish I could have presented information in a more logical order.

3. One of the quirks of our computer booking software causes it to shut down and reboot all the PCs at the top of every hour.  I wasn’t expecting that. I need to build in a break after the first 45 minutes to allow for it and for the time needed to re-log them all in again.

In spite of the flaws in my presentation, the evaluations were all positive! I’m hooked.  I volunteered to teach another class in April.  I’m going to teach them all “How to Search the Internet Like an Expert.”


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