Wrapping up my week-in-the-life.

7:15 Follow Husband, who returned from London last night, to airport to return rental car; he drops me off at work and takes our car home.

8:00 Check e-mail; extensively edit list of databases and descriptions that will become content of Marketing department’s new brochure we will be able to give to patrons; hear all about colleague’s wedding in Hawaii; submit my bid for vacation time wanted between April and September.

9:45 Open telephone ref workstations; update Tipsheet to reflect altered hours at two branches due to construction.

10 Phone reference for an hour.  Learn from patron that remote access to one vendor’s collection of databases is not working.

11 Troubleshoot remote access; call vendor’s 24/7 tech support number.  Unable to connect with a real person, so leave message on “after-hours voice mail”.  (Guess 24/7 now means 10/5?) Follow up with detailed e-mail to our tech support and sales reps, including my cell phone number in case either replies on my “weekend”, which is Sun/Mon.

12 An hour in Kids’ Place; introduce mom to Culturegrams and explain how her daughter can use it at home to get more info for her state report.  Mom’s impressed!  Daughter is underwhelmed. E-mail reply to OverDrive user who is having download issues. Work on table of tax booklets available at our 27 branches for telephone ref staff.

1 lunch

2 -5 Reference desk.  Catch up on a dozen routed journals; complete table of branch tax-booklet supply and tax help schedules, e-mail same to telephone reference with instructions to print out a copy for each workstation.  Calls are coming in fast and furious, now that folks have received their W-2s in the mail.

Internet users provide today’s entertainment.  One complains the mouse scroll wheel is not working and he doesn’t know how else to scroll his window.  He’s right, but the mouse is connected, and the buttons work, so I explain about the little arrows top and bottom of the scroll bar, trying not to inhale the strong aroma of marijuana he exudes from his clothes. His hour’s just about up, so I don’t bother to call security.

Another distraught young man claims he mistakenly put a $20 bill into the print manager (which does not accept bills larger than $5), and gets circ staff to open the machine and examine the take.  When the $20 fails to turn up, he asks, “Are you sure there isn’t a shredder in there?” Circ staffer stays cool (full marks for that!) and says, “Buddy, if there were a shredder in there, we’d both be out of a LOT of money!”  Debriefing later, we discover he pulled the same scam earlier at the circ desk about the copy machine.  “I’m late for a Very Important Appointment, so just give me the $20.”  Just wondering: if we did shred $20s and were willing to give him the pieces, what would he have done with them?

5 Turn off all 44+ monitors and the copy machine, and exit the building.

5:15 Husband has still not arrived, and the singing homeless man is taking his sweet time packing up his bags just outside the door.  I decide to call home to see if Husband has left yet and discover I’ve forgotten my cell phone at the reference desk.  Fortunately, there is an event in the Galleria and security staff is still on the job.  I flag the security chief, and he lets me back into the library; I retrieve my phone and exit a second time, just as Husband arrives.  The singing man has also gone. Another week done!


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