Slowing down – but still have one more day in my work week.

8:30 Went to work a half-hour early to attend a meeting with the person who is putting together the search for a new library director.  That means I get an hour and a half for lunch, because I can’t leave early.

9:30 Check reference schedule, check e-mail, and take short break, before  heading to 3rd floor to open all the public computers. Library opens at 10.

10:00 Two hours assisting users with opening files from floppies, explaining Internet access procedures to visitors, helping a nice couple get an e-mail address so they can get W-2s from previous employers in another state, etc.  I am still trying to collect titles to feature in the Audio Books Bulletin.  I do actually manage to bib-check both “best audiobooks of …” lists.

12:00 An hour in Telephone Reference. Nothing unusual today, except the lady who said she had received a $350 bill from the library. I connect her with Circ Help. And I don’t want to know the details.

1:00 Begin my long lunch hour – visit colleague in Collection Management who is retiring today. We worked closely together developing the procedures for cataloging and processing circulating software.  She requested no party or celebration, but there were lots of cookies anyway.

2:30 Handle a couple of tech-support issues for patrons who sent e-mails or called in the last couple days.  Our Tech Assistnt is on vacation, and I’ve inherited the job for a week.

3:00 An hour in Kids’ Place, where I finally complete the February Bulletin.  It will be automatically published on Feb. 2nd.  Sinking feeling when I realize that next week I’ll need to do it again for March.  It’s got to get easier – Boss said it would!

4:00 An hour off desk. Check e-mail one more time, find memo with instructions for how to forward phone calls and deliver to Director’s assistant as requested. Stack routed journals in date order for perusing tomorrow morning. Call patron referred by branch staff to deliver news that our Harvard Business Review subscription was dropped in 1994 and offer alternatives for finding the article she needs.

5:00 Another hour in Kids’ Place.  At 5:45 I help Russian family locate books, children’s software and exercises in Kids’ database that will help their son improve his reading comprehension.  They go upstairs to checkout, thoroughly impressed with the library.  I feel good.

6:00 Library closes.  Drive to El Torito restaurant for middle-manager’s retirement party – which turns out to be a kick and a half!

8:30 Drive home, and arrive simultaneously with Husband, who is returning from a week-long business trip in London.

Done for today.


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