7:30 – Catch bus to work.  Begin reading Persuasion IQ. Halfway to town, get phone call from Daughter who requests a sick day from school because of a “massive headache” and nausea.  Great!  Can’t concentrate on the book any  more.

8:00 – 9:30  Arrive at work and call School to report Daughter’s absence. Check e-mail and find IT was as good as its word, and the faulty circuit breaker that caused our computer chaos yesterday has been replaced. All is again well in network-land.  Remind co-workers to log off and then log on again so they can see their network drives.

Send a few of my “Top Ten reasons to work at SPL” to HR as requested.  (But we’ve got a hiring freeze going, so um, …) Forward announcement of free staff training opportunity to all public service staff in the system.  Update telephone reference phone system’s time, because it runs about 3 minutes slow every month.  Clear Telephone Reference’s inbox and discover a question from HR about the number of registered cardholders we have.  I run a web access management report, but find I must perform calculations to get the number HR needs; find a better answer in statistical report on staffnet and relay info.

Turn on 44+ public and staff computers and check printer paper on the 3rd floor – this our public access internet floor, and it also houses the fiction collection, government documents, and periodicals.

10:00-12:00 Reference Shift on the third floor. Tech Assistant finds wallet in computer lab while setting up for his e-Mail Basics class..  We don’t see its owner on the floor, so we send it to lost and found.  I ask him about wi-fi access in the lab, because I’m teaching a computer class there on Saturday.  He shows me the extra switch on the laptop that turns the card on and off.  Library opens; I scoot to reference desk.

Someone smelling of alcohol and acting dizzy in the stairwell prompts a request for Security to investigate.  Patron requests we log in to his college web site so he can print a tuition receipt as proof of address to submit with his library card application. (I comply. We want people to have library cards.)

Loud, unhappy patron complains we are intentionally preventing him from getting a computer this hour (they’re all booked), spraying spit on the desk because of the lollypop stick in his mouth.  He trashes the stick when I point out the hygiene issue, but fails to comprehend the system and cannot be pacified, even by Suprvisor.   Maybe if he took out his earbuds … A dozen other patrons stand around, watching the drama.

Attempt the Audiobooks Bulletin task again, because next publication date is Feb 2 and there are over 400 subscribers I cannot disappoint.  But am unable to make any progress between requests for program registration, holds-placing, accompanying visually-impaired patron to 4th floor to find a book, discussion with patron about furries,  iPod Touches, and Internet security, and explaining our Internet access policy to visitors.

12:00 Lunch meeting

1:00 My work day is done!  I’m taking 4 hours off to compensate for the 4 hours I worked on Sunday.  Bus home and  find Daughter curled up on the couch with lingering headache, but otherwise feeling better.

Enjoying the un-planned free afternoon: making a big pot of chowder for tonight and boiling a chicken to use for a pasta salad tomorrow; computer playtime after dinner, while Husband is out of town.


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