Today is my late day.  Get up early to see Daughter off to school, then read the paper over breakfast.  Roll up my sleeves and finish the oven-cleaning task I started yesterday before getting called in to work unexpectedly.

10 – Gas up the car and drive to work.  Remember to pick up bus pass for February and also parking stickers so I can bail the car out of the garage tonight at 8.

11- Arrive at work to chaos: the circuit that powers the system’s server room is down, so there is no Internet, no Outlook, no ILS!  IT staff persuades Telephone Reference staff to telephone each branch to explain the outage (no Outlook, remember?).  I turned on the emergency message that stops calls from coming in, so callers can’t get into hold queue hell while the calls are made.

11:30 – Meet briefly with Boss about the remnant of our old phone system that is still being manually forwarded and un-forwarded by administration every day. Boss took my history and my suggestions to the library director, who implemented them.

12 – Servers back up, sort-of. Something about a faulty circuit-breaker that will be fixed tomorrow morning. Things still go down unexpectedly, like right between writing a blog post and trying to save the draft.  Glad I’m not on the public desks this morning!  Check e-mail, follow-up with the vendor from yesterday. Discuss downloading 40k MARC records with Collection Manager, as well as my ideas for pushing our databases on the system’s newly-designed web site that will be unveiled to staff in the next couple of weeks.

1 – Leaf through journals routed to my desk – would love to actually read some of the articles in Online and Computers in Libraries, but … I just flag them for later bookmarking in Delicious and continue leafing.  I complete leafing through several PWs and Booklists and Public Libraries and send them on their way.

2 – My first reference desk hour is in Kids’ Place.  Not too many questions – California water resources, books for 2nd graders, American Girls mysteries, DVDs about Teddy Roosevelt.  I spend the time between questions selecting titles for the next Audio Books Bulletin, which will be published Feb.2. (Obama’s favorite books? African-American authors? Recent – but under circulating – titles?)

3 – An off-desk hour. More Audiobook selection – I’m looking for titles by African-American authors that have no holds, and a minimum of 5 copies in the system.  As I find them, I add them to my ‘bag’ in the OPAC.  Then I lose all my carefully-selected audiobooks by inadvertently clicking the ‘Start Over’ button. Rats!!!  I decide to do something different for a while. I delete old news from the Telis Tipsheet, a web page with topical information for the Telephone Ref staff, and add new information about branch closures during the first week of February.

4. Dinner hour.  Enjoy a broccoli and mushroom crepe from Danielle’s Creperie with two colleagues, then back to the library for 3 hours of Telephone Reference.

5 to 8 – Answer a zillion calls from the Crossword Lady, who considerately only asks for answers to two clues per call.  Try to find the address of a country music group (yay Marquis Who’s Who on the Web!); walk a 74-yr old patron through the steps to logging in to her account online and offer to print screen shots of same and mail them to her; refer a dozen callers to the circ help desk (wish they listened better to the phone prompts, so they wouldn’t have to wait in the hold queue for nothing.) Actually, I like phone duty.

7:55 – Shut down the unused PCs in Tel Ref and pack my briefcase.

8 – Did NOT forget I drove in, as I did once.  I waited for Husband for 15 minutes, that time, before I remembered I had the car. Drive home, with a brief detour to Walgreen’s. Make a cup of tea, catch up with Daughter’s day and receive a phone call from Husband, who is in London for the week.  Watch local news on TV, and then done!


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