Library Week-in-the-Life II

This go-round I’ll be blogging Sunday – Saturday.  I intended to start on Tuesday, the real beginning of my work-week, but I got an urgent (desperate-sounding, really) call from the library asking if I’d be willing to work four hours this afternoon in return for compensatory time off.  So, … instead of enjoying a LOT of me-time (Husband is in London, Daughter spent the night with friends), here I am at work on Sunday.  I’ll be spending an hour on the phones, an hour on the 3rd floor with all the public-access computers, and two hours in Kids’ Place.

I wear several “hats”: I am, primarily, an adult reference librarian, and I also manage the centralized telephone service (circ and reference) for Sacramento Public Library.  One day a week, I work in the collection management department and manage our e-resources subscriptions.  This used to be a full-time position, but it was cut in a budgetary downturn about 5 years ago.  However, as they say, somebody has to do it! And anyway, it’s a part of librarianship I really enjoy.


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