2009 and 23 Things

This year will probably become the Year of Presentations. Or the Year of Social Everything. I’m a member a team just gearing up to begin a “23 Things” style campaign in the system.  We’ve set up a Ning space and have dabbled at posting, updating profiles, and scheduling meetings.  However, the asynchronicity – and the holidays that so inconveniently intervened between F2F meetings – have us all a little frustrated. We haven’t got the timing nor the momentum to make it work very well yet.  Howeve, we’re meeting in person this week to put together the plan for the “SPL2point0” campaign.

This year, I’m also getting more active with adult programming and outreach.  I’m going to actually use a lession I prepared for an InfoPeople class a couple years ago. In fact, the class is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I need to get on it and do some link-checking and customizing, get the handouts and evaluations printed, check the wi-fi in the computer lab (it wasn’t working a couple of weeks ago), and prepare a plan B in case it’s sstill not working.

I’ve been invited to speak about our e-resources to the school librarians in the Twin Rivers school distict next month, so I’m collaborating with one of our youth services librarians to adapt my “Use your library @ home” presentation for the teacher/student environment.  This is a great opportunity to promote some of the resources we have that are specifically designed for students, more especially so since some of the schools in the district are in lower-income areas of the county.

Schools in California have been hit very hard by the current economic doldrum, and have been forced to cancel their online subscriptions and have lost their book budgets as well.  Even though we say our public library does not support the educational curriculum, we really do – in several ways. I’m glad I’m in the public library house!


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