Tag! You’re It!

I am cleaning out the “clippings” in my Bloglines account tonight, and came to this post by David Lee King, in which he comments on this one by Michael Hyatt.  Even though published a couple of years ago, it is even more appropos today, in my case.  I am guilty, guilty, guilty – even though I can rationalize some of my behavior.

I’ve been using my part-time duties as e-resources librarian as an excuse to sulk, because I truly believe we need a full-time e-resources person.  However, I’ve come to the conclusion that this attitude is helping neither me nor the library, and so I’m ready to look at ways to make this 8-hour-per-week responsibility more efficient.

CMS wants me to continue; CEN wants me to quit; and I’m caught between can and can’t. I’ve got a couple of ideas about how to make it work better, and will use the remainder of this calendar year to hammer out a plan, simplify my filing system, and set up a way to keep reference staff up-to-date with news and changes. Next year, we’ll be in fighting trim again.

Right now, I’m “it”. But I’ll be tagging others, in short order!


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