Thursday: A Day in the Life

Morning routine same as yesterday.

8:00 arrive at work to find IT finishing up the installation of 4 new PCs for Telephone Reference and Circ Help. I go to say hi. I decide to sit at my desk for a few minutes and complete the tangrams. (Supervisor was my “secret santa” last Christmas, and gave me a puzzle-a-day calendar with magnetic tangrams – which I LOVE!) This week has been atypical so far, and I haven’t done any of the puzzles since last Saturday.

While I am working on the tangrams, IT finishes up and leaves, I walk over to the new computers and import the IE favorites I exported yesterday, reset the home page to the TELIS TipSheet instead of StaffNet, and set the VIP call tracking plug-in to open automaticallly when Outlook starts.

I call the patron with the ILL question back to inform her we’ll be happy to get the ILL going as soon as she comes in and gets a library card.

I locate the Zen Nano and give it to the Technology Assistant. He will request installation of the OverDrive Media Console on his PC, so that’s one thing I can cross off my list.

9:00 Sit in on the Web Team meeting. I’ve been invited because I asked the Marketing Director for his vision of what our online presence should be, and he thought the topic of today’s meeting might answer the question. It did not – so I may end up talking to him again. The Web Team is re-building our old web site so as to create an integrated webcatalog site that is sticky for visitors – in other words, they are encouraged to linger because they can find what they want and exploring the site is easy.

11:00 Verified everything is still working OK on the new PCs, head downstairs to Collection Management. Thursday is my “downstairs” day – I have the entire day to work on e-Resources stuff. This used to be a full-time job, but in the last round of budget cuts, the position was moved to Central Library, transformed into a Reference Librarian position 5 years ago. Since e-Resources still needed to be managed, they left one day a week for that part of the job. So – having spent the morning “upstairs”, now I have a half-day to do my “downstairs” work.

I check my e-mail and voicemail, report to the Collection Manager what I learned from the Web Team meeting, and she gives me some suggestions for following up to develop a team that will take a look at our array of e-resources in light of the Web Team’s not-quite-expressed vision of our web presence. She is pleased to hear that the Marketing Director wants to be in that team.

I field a question from Husband about the network WEP encryption code of our home wireless network because his PC crashed and the Nerds On Call are there for the repairs and want to know … I field a phone call from Daughter, whom I haven’t seen since two evenings ago, because of her summer work schedule and the concert she attended last night 40 miles away with friends. She wants to tell me about her first behind-the-wheel driving class.

I receive a call from a vendor’s rep who wants us to re-write our database page so as to feature a part of his product that he says is not clearly enough explained in the title and description his company provided and the section of our database page in which we placed it. (25 points for the person who guesses which database.) He also wants to schedule a series of webinars for library staff, so they’ll know and be able to advertise the scope of the material in the product. I said I would consider the webinars.

12:00 lunch

1:00 -4:55 Lots of catching-up with filing, reading, following-up with e-resources cataloging questions and customer support questions that had been e-mailed to me. I also completed the draft of the Voice Library messages and sent it off to the phone group. And I added more instances to the folder of questions, problems, suggestions, and potential projects I’m keeping as ammunition to justify why the e-Resources Librarian position should be restored to full-time, instead of 8 hours/week.

5:05 Hop on my bus. Another work day done.


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