Wednesday: a Day in the Life

This Day in the Life activity is generating some buzz at work – many are interested in others’ work days, but are unwilling to blog their own.  I think it’s just that they are not as comfortable with blogging.  Some feel they are already overworked, so taking notes on their work days would be the last straw for them.

But, here’s my Wednesday:

6:00 arise, scan the morning paper, eat, pack lunch,

7:00 shower, dress, feed the fish, kiss Husband and run for the bus.

8:00 arrive at work, stick lunch in fridge; contemplate the chaos on my desk from two half-days of ref-desk-only. ( haven’t actually sat there since Saturday morning.)  Scan e-mail, handle two e-mailed OverDrive tech help questions; alert Circ Supervisor that new PCs will be installed tomorrow morning, including one at the Circ Help telephone desk.  Rummage in the paper stack to find three callback questions left over from last night that I need to finish.

9:00 Take Asbestos callback to the 3rd floor and search card index to the Sacramento Bee for relevant articles published between 1977 and 1983 (found 18). Remove cards, lay out in copier across the room and photocopy.  Return cards … oh no! – circ staff arriving at work has found the disassembled drawer, replaced the rod, and replaced the drawer in the catalog.  Now I have to find the drawer, find where to re-insert the cards I’ve removed and make sure they’re in order. Done.

Call Asbestos patron in DC and get preferences for delivering the citations – she opted for mail, because the Library of Congress has the Bee on film, and she thought she could find the articles there – but she also wanted the local California researcher list, just in case.

9:40 Call State Library’s California History Section (they open at 9:30) and request a copy of their researcher list to include with Bee asbestos citations; type cover letter, address envelope and put citations and researcher list (received instantly as e-mail attachment) in the mail to patron in DC.

10:00 Rats! the library is opening, I haven’t had a break, and the elevators are no longer coming to the 5th floor staff workstations (for security, while the library is open.)  I need to be in the Kids’ Place in the basement, like now, so I run down the stairs, and arraive at 10:02 to a ringing telephone.  It’s a transfer from Telephone Reference; it’s the Ageless Beauty patron – and her answer is in the paper chaos on my desk on the 5th floor.  I get her e-mail address and fax number and promise to send the info right after lunch.

11:00 Change workstations – go to 3rd floor.  Help a gentleman find all the articles published in the Bee since last November about the missing water meters, and print the list of citations so he can take his time looking up the articles on microfilm (his choice – I did offer to print the articles for him.)

12:00 lunchtime – run to 5th floor, retrieve lunch from fridge, run to 1st floor meeting room for Weightwatchers meeting (I am 1.4 lbs thinner than last week – go me!)  Meeting runs just a teeny bit long, so have just enough time to run my yogurt back to the fridge on the 5th floor before my next duty station on the 3rd floor.

1:00  Third floor. I realize I haven’t received any suggestions from anyone in the group about re-wording the voice library messages (we’re re-doing the automated call tree); attempt to do it between patrons, because we’re meeting to discuss them at 2:00.  Manage to get 2 messages edited, out of about 5.

2:00 Voice Library meeting – we worked out the most important messages; I get to type them up and send the draft to the group tomorrow.

3:00 I am “off desk” this hour – I am again contemplating the paper chaos on my desk, when I receive a phone call – it’s the Essence Ageless Beauty patron.  OMG!!! I haven’t had a chance to send the information to her!  I discover the url at the bottom of the printout doesn’t work – it’s a dynamic page – so I re-do the search, write down the steps, and e-mail that info to her, apologizing profusely.  She requested I fax the pages I found, so I do that, too.

I e-mail IT with the login info for the PCs they will be swapping tomorrow morning before I get to work.  I e-mail my supervisor asking for the whereabouts of the Zen Nano MP3 player so I can give it to the Technology Assistant to practice with. I e-mail the person closing Telephone Reference this evening, asking her to please clear the workstation desks of the pencil holders, information binders, and calendars, so they won’t be in IT’s way tomorrow morning.

I receive a very nice thanks via e-mail from the Essence patron, saying it was exactly what she wanted.

I finalize the standing order title list for Telephone Reference that was due yesterday (but I worked 4-8, remember? so wasn’t able to turn it in) and run it down to Collection Management – Serials Librarian was ok with it being one day late. Serials represent about 90% of my annual budget, so my spending is effectively done for this fiscal year – even though the year’s hardly begun.

Shovel remaining paperwork into a semblance of a neat pile, stow Franklin and books I’ve checked out in my briefcase, collect briefcase and purse and run with them to Telephone Reference for the last hour. Don’t have time to retrieve my yogurt from the fridge – oh, well, that’s one less item I’ll have to pack for tomorrow’s lunch.

4:00 Answer phones.  Between calls, export IE favorites on 4 pcs to a different drive, so we can import them again tomorrow on the new PCs, and remove items from the desk where the sick PC lives. Call back the patron with the Windows Media Player problem and get her e-mail address – e-mail instructions from IT (with screen shots) that I hope will solve her security upgrade problem.  Print directive from Marketing for tomorrow’s Web Team meeting.  I am a guest at this one, but thought I might as well be prepared …

4:57 log off from phones and fly down 5 floors and two blocks down the road to catch my 5:05 express bus.  I arrive just as it’s crossing the intersection – made it!  Work day done!


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