Tuesday – A Day in the Life

Well, since I put in 4 hours yesterday on my day off, I took 4 hours off today, and worked 4-8 p.m.

I couldn’t help myself, though – checked my work e-mail from home first thing in the morning and handled a couple of urgent items. I also sent photos of last Saturday’s Bug program from my cell phone’s memory card to our children’s librarian, in case she wanted to blog it today – since I wouldn’t be getting to work until 4, and she’d be going home soon after that.

Went for a walk with my walking buddy, returned documents to the safe deposit box at the bank, did some grocery shopping, made a loaf of whole-wheat egg bread, got ready for work.

Stopped back at the ATT store to have one of the (young) guys there transfer information from my old SIM chip to a new 3G SIM chip and associate the new chip with my account. Now can I add-edit-delete contacts on my Blackjack, which I couldn’t do before because the Blackjack couldn’t edit data on the old chip. (It was an OLD chip!)

At work by 3:30 – put snack in fridge; check reference desk schedule: phones 4-5, 3rd floor 5-8.

Read and respond to e-mail; note that we’ll be getting new PCs in Telephone Reference early Thursday morning, so I need to backup 3 pcs and copy the contacts to a different drive before closing Wednesday night. I also need to send IT the logins for those PCs so they can set up the Outlook accounts again. Note to self: need to talk to the Circ Superviser, because I think one of her PCs will also be updated, and her staff will have to do the same.

Decide I really don’t have time to call our phone system vendor this afternoon; write note in Franklin planner to call him first thing in the morning. (We want him to create an additional “group” and fold Circ Help into the reference system.)

4 p.m.: Answer phones for an hour , all the usual questions plus troubleshooting a Windows Media Player security upgrade that won’t work because the library’s site certificate is expired. Promised patron I’d get the workaround from IT by tomorrow (wrote it in my Franklin) and helped her confirm she had correctly checked out her audiobook so she wouldn’t lose it while waiting for the WMP fix.

5 p.m.: Third floor – a couple of months ago we moved all of our public access Internets (30 of them) to this floor so as to be able to staff the reference desk with a technology assistant who would help patrons make bookings, log on, manage files, and print. Fiction, periodicals, and government documents are also shelved on this floor, so a librarian is also scheduled at the reference desk to handle questions related to those collections.

Worked on a “callback” about an “ageless beauty” contest mentioned in a recent Essence Magazine, taken by a colleague. (When we can’t answer in 5 minutes on the phone, we take the patron’s number, work on the question and and call back with the answer) He couldn’t finish it before the end of his workday, so he passed it on to me. I found the answer and left a message for the patron to call me back with her address so I can drop it in the mail for her.

Helped a brand new resident understand our computer booking system and got her started on an apartment search.

Explained to our Tech Assistant the procedure for requesting annual leave – we bid in advance for a 6-month period, currently October through March – and also explained all the different kinds of leave he has: personal time, holiday credit, floating …

Discussed transferring responsibility for handling OverDrive tech questions from me to him, since he is, after all, the Tech Assistant – discovered he needs to learn how to download audiobooks and transfer them to a portable device. Made note in Franklin to find our Zen Nano and request the OverDrive Media Console be installed on his PC so he can practice. It helps when explaining the procedure to those who write in for help.

Showed an ebullient group of young people how to find fiction (hint: 320 p. is not the call number.)

7:45 p.m.: Begin shutting down unused OPACs and PCs, pushing in chairs, and picking up magazines. When the public Internets shut down at 7:55, turn off all 38 monitors, the 2 copiers, and the 3 staff PCs.

8 p.m.: Wait for the announcement, “The library is closed”, and head for the exit. Husband is waiting and we drive home (no public transit to my residence after 6:30 p.m.) Enjoy brownies daughter made this afternoon, clean up the kitchen, blog my day.


One response to “Tuesday – A Day in the Life

  1. Have enjoyed reading about your work day. Thanks for sharing!

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