Monday – a Day in the Life

Normally, my “weekend” is  Sunday and Monday; but today the library is extremely short-staffed, so I volunteered to come in from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to answer phones, and will take 4 hours off tomorrow in exchange. That will be nice, because Tuesday is my “night” to work and I won’t need to come in until 4 p.m., effectively giving me another day off!

When I came in at 10, I took 5 minutes to talk to boss about the middle PC, which has been doing flaky things in the last several days: hijacking the browser and working v-e-r-y,   v-e-r-y   s -l-o-w-l-y.  She had turned in a trouble ticket yesterday, but as of now, 1:15 p.m., it hasn’t been fixed.  It looks like it’s infested with spyware.  I discovered it works ok as long as I don’t open Internet Explorer, so I can place holds, reset PINs, and do other account-related stuff, but can’t do anything delivered by the web.

Although Central Library is closed on Mondays, Central staff handles phone calls for all 27 branches in the library system whenever any branch is open, and for library administration.  We work in the building behind closed doors (jeans and t-shirt today), handling about 60 calls per hour.  Since I am only doing 4 hours today, I took a 15 minute break at 11:45 to inhale my lunch. Between phone calls, I am running the weekly call stats reports, which I usually do on Tuesday mornings.

Some questions I answered today:

  • CR ratings for automobile GPS navigation systems
  • Took a message for the Sacramento Room (closed on Mondays) from someone wanting to purchase copies of photos in our special collection.
  • Fielded a request from the east coast for articles about asbestos published in our local west coast paper in the ’70s and 80s
  • Provided phone numbers for several businesses, local and otherwise, government offices and television shows (we function as “directory assistance” for many)
  • Dozens of calls about our branches: service hours, locations, services (typewriters, for example)
  • Additional dozens of reserve requests / reserve status queries
  • Explained our ILL procedures to a recent stroke victim and offered to see if we could waive the “in person only” requirement for her, as she is finding it difficult to come to the library right now.
  • One request to register for our OneBook author program in September (too early – tickets are not available until next month.)
  • Hmmm … just realized the Crossword Puzzle Lady hasn’t called today. …

Left the library at 2 p.m., went to the ATT store to resolve a problem with my new Blackjack, and came home.  This afternoon, I plan to finish up the last few exercises of a 4-week InfoPeople class I have been trying to “attend” during working hours. Since boss urged us to take the workshop, I tried to keep it at work.  I wasn’t able to keep it entirely at work, so have been putting in a couple hours at home, to catch up.


3 responses to “Monday – a Day in the Life

  1. I think it would be cool if there were a SPL twitter account where librarians “tweeted” the questions they were asked; maybe this stream could be embedded on our website or something?

  2. Wow now that is a seriously busy day! I hope you have a headset to save your neck during all those phone calls!

  3. Lori, we do, actually, have headsets, and several librarians choose to use them. We still have some who prefer the handset. I’m waiting foar the day we can IM and get rid of the TDD.

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