Wallpaper Calendars

One of our IT staff introduced me to the Smashing Magazine site and its monthly wallpaper calendar designs.  I’ve been visiting for the past couple of months to download a fresh wallpaper-cum-calendar to my PC at work.  I went poking elsewhere around the web to see if there are any other web sites that offer such practical desktop art (there are) and it occurred to me that our library could do something similar as a marketing tool: how about a wallpaper with the graphics from the summer reading program, along with monthly calendars for the summer months? Or maybe seasonal adverts for the Jazz Jubilee, Winterfest, special exhibits, OneBook programs … They could be downloaded onto the public OPACs, staff PCs, and even offered to the public via our web site for them to download at home.

So boss and I are going to discuss the logistics on Tuesday.


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