Library 2.0: I can do it myself!

Last night I gave my second presentation to the Orangevale-Folsom PC Users Group – and they blew me away again with their interest and enthusiasm! A while back, I presented “Use your library @ home,” featuring remote use of our subscription databases.  The group’s web site and e-mailed agenda built up my last presentation so much, I didn’t see how I could possibly follow that act.  Last night, the same crowd showed up for “Library 2.0: I can do it myself!” and it was gratifying to see their interest, answer their questions, and help make the library a useful place for them.

We talked about our new online library card application process, which gives new users a temporary number they can use immediately to log in to the databases, our new Book Bulletin subscription, Link+, the grandCENTRAL blog, the opt-in reading history feature of the OPAC, e-mail notifications, and a brief run-through of updates to the web site, OPAC, and database line-up – notably Morningstar and Culturegrams.  The audience asked good questions, and several stayed afterwards to talk some more.  I overheard one gentleman comment that he hoped the club would make it an annual event! Go Library! And many thanks to Dennis, Lois, and Luann for the invitation, and to Alison for her moral support.


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