Best ways to communicate

So, two events are coming up soon: the beginning of a new year, and my job performance evaluation. I’ve been thinking about a better way to keep salient information handy for our TELIS librarians, and my supervisor and I have danced around the edges of trying something else. My JPE seems like a good time to talk about it, and the new year seems like a good time to implement it, if approved.

My idea was to use a blog (no, really?!) to replace the decade-old “TELIS Tipsheet” that requires hand-coding and severe editing to remain relevant and readable. Information that is removed is lost and gone forever; using a blog would keep the info archived and findable with keyword searching. Some issues that need thinking about are: what info is for internal consumption only and should not be visible to the public; a way to allow others to make additions when needed; whether the blog could be public; and whether we should lobby the library to purchase a blogging package or make do with the free blogs that are already available.

Our GrandCENTRAL blog seems to have launched well with a loose consortium of staff making entries at lib, so it shouldn’t be hard to encourage the rest of the reference staff to adopt something similar for the Telephone Reference service. Items that would be good candidates for posts are: holiday schedule changes, tax prep help info, branch closures, renewal line status. Other items we use frequently actually “live” on our internal server, and are NOT accessible to the public.  My challenge will be making those items available without compromising server security. Such items include forms and employee contact information, among other things.


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