Online Safety for Kids – What Parents Need 2 Know

Training Day is coming up again in a couple of months. Suddenly our admin is jumping on the library 2.0 bandwagon, and this year the event will have a markedly “tech” feel.

I’ve been involved with a small group that is charged with creating a presentation for parents about social networking sites teens and kids use, and what to be aware of regarding online safety and preservation of privacy. My particular part is the “now you know what some of the dangers are, and what some of the good things are about social networks, here’s what you should do to keep your kids safe online” piece. I’ve begun a set of powerpoint slides that will be appended to the sets being prepared by the others, and I’ll be working with a teen services librarian to make the advice strong, relevant and compelling. I’m also preparing a bibliography to go along with it that we can hand out.

I know other libraries have done similar programs, – in fact, I think I’ll take a look at the Hibbing Public Library’s (MN) computer classes page to see if there’s something I can adapt. How clever I am!


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