Libraries using images and Flickr

I wrote this post as an assignment for an online class about Web2.0

I thought Kansas City’s web site used images well – they highlighted and accented the services and programs offered, and added visual accents for their pages. I was disappointed that their OPAC was offline when I looked at the site this evening, so couldn’t follow links from images to the OPAC.

I didn’t think Tutt Library used images to best effect in their Flickr account – they looked like very informal snapshots of staff and staff work areas – maybe of interest to staff, but not to me, as public. Because others can view them, I think they should be more discriminating about what gets posted.

Hennepin County – what can I say? – It must be a trip to work for a library that allows its staff to play! I particularly liked their use of Flickr toys to create trading cards of their teen board. That would be a great way to feature the children’s librarians, Friends of the Library, volunteers … Hennepin had their photos organized into slideshows on discrete topics – a good way to advertise programs.

Westmont had the most innovative use of Flickr I’ve seen to date – their new books and new DVDs displays use Flickr tools to select jackets and create notes and links to the catalog, where patrons can place holds. What a great way to put their catalog right out there!

I know our library will be undergoing a major web site re-design in the next year or two – I’m sure we’ll be incorporating something like these uses of images. I’m glad I had a chance to look at them, and I’ll recommend our web team look at them, too.


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