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Here’s the rudimentary wiki I began a few months ago with a two-fold purpose: to give me practice creating and editing a wiki and to create a supervisor’s manual for our telephone reference service. I see that pbwiki has just added some new features: spreadsheets, voice chat, a shared calendar, and video uploads. All of these would be useful for the TELIS manual – they could include benchmark statistics, video instructions on programming speed dial buttons, – wow!
Annot8tions is at


3 responses to “Annot8’s Wiki

  1. In today’s IUG mailing list, there was an interesting report from a library considering pbwiki for their Millennium users manual.

    It seems to be fairly secure from cracking as long as the cracker is not logged in to pbwiki. If someone has a pbwiki account, s/he is able to edit other wikis even if the wiki password is changed!

    This is definitely something to consider when creating a wiki that will be used internally – no passwords or other info that could be used to sabotage the library’s ILS.

  2. A colleague and I recently created a pbwiki site for our library staff to use as an intranet. a few people have really jumped on board and use it extensively, which helps build up the content. we like it so far and i’ve already used it several times to find information that would have otherwise taken me a long, long time to find.

  3. Librarian in Black

    The spreadsheets feature in pbwiki is really useful for a lot of people. One of those nice additions that just makes sense!

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