Created for Class

Here’s my blog for the e-library class.

The address is

Of the five blogs I looked at, I liked the Lansing Library’s the best. It was open, uncluttered, cheerful, and had links along the side to the opac, chat, technorati, feed links, etc. The posts were varied – not all book reviews or gaming or library news, but a nice mix-up of each. I also liked the Western Springs History blog, with its links to local sites and memories of long-time residents.

I was not so keen on the one devoted only to gaming, though I bet any teen who does gaming would be interested – there was a LOT of stuff there! That library takes its play seriously!

Waterboro’s had a cute name, and I liked that they posted the login information for its newspaper links – we could do something like that for our own local paper, since even the current issue now requires a login.

Three of the five allowed comments; AADL requires registration in order to comment, but does not seem to require that the registrant be a cardholder.


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